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#20 Jamie MacDougall

Jamie does real estate in a beautiful city. He's managed to display that beauty to everyone that lands on his website. It's clean, simple and gives you the impression that Jamie is ready to do business. This is a classy realtor website.

#19 Michael Lane and Melanie Thomas

Simple, elegant and effective is the goal of many websites, but only few achieve that goal. Michael Lane and Melanie Thomas have exemplified simplicity, elegance and effectiveness with their real estate website. Their new listings are prominently displayed, setting the tone for the whole site.

#18 David Anthonie

David makes fantastic videos of homes that he' selling and he's not afraid to show that off on his site. There's video of him running in the background of his front and we love it! Having video as the main background of your site is an awesome feature that David has taken full advantage of!

#17 Josh Taylor

Josh has kep his site simple while making it incredibly effective. As you scroll down his site you will see stunning images that put his realtor website at the top of the list when it comes to design. The Josh Taylor site is personal, helpful and just gorgeous to look at.

#16 Broadview Homes

Broadview Homes has leveraged the incredible design aspect of photo tiles. But, they took it a step further. When you hover over their gorgeous photos, a grey overlay fades in revealing some more information through text. It's a unique design feature that makes their real estate website truly great.

*Also, check out their beautiful Winnipeg website:

#15 Myka Wroblewski

From her logo to her main picture, Myka Wroblewski has redefined the meaning of a great realtor website. The overall design on this site is modern, simple and gorgeous at the same time. If the beauty of this site wasn't enough, Myka also provides a listing search tool, blog and more.

#14 Houlihan Lawrence

Elegance is something Houlihan Lawrence has managed to capture not only in their properties but also on their website. Beyond elegant photography, this website also has some nicely designed graphics that give prospects a perspective on household incomes and housing stock.

#13 First Team Real Estate

First Team Real Estate has all the features a real estate website needs. Above that though, they have incorporated all the features in an easy to use and beautiful to look at way. From market reports to local events, their real estate website is a one stop shop for the local real estate prospect.

#12 Alyssa Morgan

When people say first impressions are everything, they're right. Alyssa Morgan has hit the nail on the head when it comes to first impressions. The incredible aerial footage on her front page is stunning. It grasps you right away, making you want to do one and only one thing, buy real estate in Miami!

#11 Gino Bello Homes

Talk about color! Upon arriving at the Gino Bello Homes website, you are struck with beautiful images full of vibrant colors. This site doesn't just win on beauty though, it's also amazingly functional. With featured listings, market reports and community pages, they've truly built a great real estate website.

#10 Coldwell Banker Mason Morse

Coldwell Banker Mason Morse has taken videography of the epic mountains in their area and incorporated it seamlessly into their real estate website. Talk about stunning. On their website, prospects can explore the several communities they specialize in, which are also stunning.

#9 Joyce Rey

We're not sure what's more beautiful, this realtor website or the properties that this realtor lists. For now, let's talk about the realtor website. It's simply stunning to say the least. The gorgeous photo slider, topped off with Joyce's signature match the elegance of the properties she lists.

#8 Zephyr Real Estate

If there was an award for coolest real estate website, Zephyr Real Estate would take the cake. The modern design of their website reflects their modern approach to real estate. The color scheme of their website makes them stand out from the crowd, giving them an edge online.

#7 The Lux Group

You can tell how beautiful this site is just by the snippet above. The Lux Group has incorporated their brand of beautiful luxury real estate into their online strategy by making a beautiful real estate website. Not to mention, their parallax scrolling and listing gallery are next level!

#6 Climb Real Estate

San Francisco is a beautiful place. Climb Real Estate has taken that beauty to a whole other level. Their featured listing gallery is awesome. When you hover over their featured listings, the whole gallery makes room for the photo to blow up and display more information - super cool.

#5 City Realty

If you're looking for real estate in New York, look no further. City Realty literally has everything you need on their real estate website. You can search properties by the features you want in a home, like exposed brick, high ceilings and outdoor space. Did we mention the site is beautifully organized too?


Great video, stunning photos, listings, contact info, social media links, seller and buyer tools... all beautifully designed into a great realtor website. That's the dream for every realtor. Helena and Erica have managed to make that dream into a reality with their beautiful site.

#3 William Pitt and Julia B. Fee

This real estate website is truly something else. Within seconds of landing on this site, you will be captivated by incredible video footage of gorgeous properties. But it doesn't stop there. Scroll down and you will find videos and resources organized in beautiful tiles. This is truly an amazing website.

#2 Riskin Partners - Montecito

The properties on this website are absolutely incredible. It's easy for us to say that the website does the properties justice. In a way, the site has left us speechless. We assume that for Riskin Partners, a lot of their clients are left speechless when they visit the luxury listings. Now we know how they feel.

#1 Compass

Compass is modern in more ways than one. They do business in beautiful cities with a focus on using technology to drive resutls. Their website speaks to both their use of technology and their obsession with great real estate. We think their website can definitely "guide you home."

Thanks for reading! The list rankings were based on website design, modernity and functionality. The rankings were determined by PropertySpark online marketing experts.


Source: Property Spark

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