Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

We can’t say enough great things about Gino and his team! He is extremely intelligent and knows the real estate market inside and out. Gino pays incredible attention to detail and points out things in homes that other realtors never considered. He is very methodical and takes a very sensible and logical approach to the process. He is also very in tune to the softer side of the business. He really got to know us and helped us work together toward finding potential buyers for our home that were a right fit. His depth of knowledge of Westchester real estate is just incredible. He is absolutely a phenomenal agent. If you have Gino as your realtor, rest assured: you truly have lucked out.

Gino is absolutely the most attentive and professional agent we have ever worked with. He and his team are among the most thorough and dedicated teams you can work with and literally were involved every step of the way. Lastly and very importantly his ethics and integrity are unmatched.

Gino is an expert. He lives and breathes the real estate market and seems to have all of the inside scoop. He gave us great advice, was very straightforward and when he gave us information, it was spot on. He is extremely efficient, answers or returns calls very quickly and if he doesn’t have an answer to a question, he will get it ASAP. He made the process a breeze. I really can’t say enough about him, if my husband and I have any further real estate needs, he is the first person we will call!

I knew before jumping into the home buying process that we wanted to use Gino Bello. He has a rock solid reputation for being the best in the area, and we knew that the buying process could be extremely competitive and challenging due to low inventory in the neighborhood we wanted. Gino made sure he understood exactly what we were looking for in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and financial affordability. He is professional, attentive, and very knowledgeable about the Westchester real estate market. If I had to move again (which we won’t be anytime soon since Gino found us exactly what we were looking for), I wouldn’t use anyone else but Gino and his team at Houlihan Lawrence. He gets the job done.

We purchased our first home in Westchester county and we absolutely loved working with Gino. He was knowledgeable, patient, responsive and made us feel very comfortable through the home buying process. We highly recommend Gino to anyone looking to purchase a home!


Don’t normally write online reviews but, after my experience with Mr. Gino Bello, I figured it was the least I could do. The guy is confident, professional, intelligent and has both the street smarts and common sense to get things done. He listens to his customer which is not always the case with real estate agents as we have experienced and pays close attention to detail. Do not be intimidated by his confidence and believe me when I tell you, he will get you what you are looking for and will work his butt off to do just that. He kept me and my wife updated with the latest houses coming on the market and was able to get appointments around our very busy schedules (nights, weekends, etc.) One last thing, Gino Bello did not disappear after he found us the perfect house that we wanted and could afford…. He maintained communication with us before, during and after the closing to make sure we understood what steps were taking place next, he was right by our side at the closing table with the lawyers and the guy even stopped by after we moved in with a house warming gift. Pretty darn good customer service if you ask me.


We spoke to several agents before we found Gino, and we’re very glad that we did. Gino has been there for us throughout the process. He has been responsive and informative as well has helping us navigate all of the difficulties inherent in making your first home purchase.

Gino was very forthright about what to expect, as well as how to go about each step. He had lots of useful recommendations and most importantly, I felt like he was on our side.

Additionally I can say that as I contacted third parties in the area to get services involved in purchasing a property (lawyers, inspectors, etc) many of the people I spoke to had dealt with Gino at some point and only ever had good things to say about him. I don’t think anyone would ever believe that Gino’s friendliness is a front, he genuinely wants to help his clients.

For all of our real estate needs in the future we’ll look to Gino first, and recommend him to any friends looking in his area.


Gino was the ultimate partner to us during our home sale and search. He was with us and available through every step in the process. Given the current housing market and the unique issues with our home, we had a lot of challenges, but Gino was relentless in finding a buyer and placing us in a new home that better met our needs. He was always available to answer our questions, provide strategic counsel and find solutions. If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent in Westchester County – I really can’t imagine why you would choose anyone else.


My husband and I bought our home through Gino, and we were extremely pleased with the service he provided. He never tried to sell us on a place just to sell it, but instead encouraged us to only buy a place if we absolutely felt it was the right fit for us. He was less interested in his commission and “closing the deal” then he was in our overall happiness and satisfaction, and we were very appreciative of that. There was never a time that Gino was unable to meet with us, and he was very flexible, and worked around our schedules, to show us different homes. Gino deserves his reputation as one of Westchester’s top realtors. I intend to recommend that everyone I know who is considering buying or selling a home to give Gino a call.


When we were looking to move out of NYC and buy our first home, we went with Gino’s team based on a friend’s recommendation. We also went to several open houses on our own, and when we said we were working with Gino, the reactions from the showing agents made it obvious that he’s quite the bigwig in the industry. Gino’s wife was very pregnant/had a baby while we were in the process, so we mostly dealt with his colleague and good friend Gerry. We really liked Gerry. We jokingly called him the Dream Killer because he would point out things that we should be wary of that could bite us (or cost us lots of money) down the road. We really liked that he was looking out for us rather than trying to make a quick sale. Once we found the house, Gerry recommended how to proceed to make the offer and navigated through some shenanigans the seller played. They recommend a bunch of great people too. We went with the mortgage servicer he recommended, who held our hand through every step and made it go through without a hitch. I hear so much about closings being stressful and issues coming up, but this guy made it completely smooth (and our lawyer, who was great and reasonably priced and also came based on Gerry’s recommendation, said he’s never had an issue closing on a house that our mortgage guy handled). He even recommended an agent for homeowner’s insurance, and we got a rate from him (also got an auto policy) that was far below every other quote we got. Heck, we’re having renovations done and after meeting with several contractors, we’re using the guy Gerry recommended (someone he arranged to have meet us at a house that we weren’t even really interested in, but that needed some updating that other houses we might see might need, just so we would know what would be involved in possible future renovations). Our monthly mortgage/tax payment is less than the rent on NYC apartments we considered. And we have equity. And a yard (and a swing set, and a sandbox, and a garden). I highly recommend Gino’s team to anyone making the move.


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