Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

During a "buyer's market" selling a house requires setting your home apart from all the other houses on the market and drawing a high volume of people through the front door. Gino knows how to price a house and also how to market and best showcase it. Gino achieved what others thought impossible -  in contract within 7 weeks and multiple full price bids. How? By offering great tips on "owner staging" so the house would look its best, listing at a reasonable price for the neighborhood (due to his impressive local knowledge), hiring a professional photographer for the listing pictures (compare pictures on his listings to those on other sites), using multiple marketing avenues (which many realtors won't do due to cost), staying completely engaged throughout the process and having great instincts when offers were received (it's as crucial to know when to counter and when to walk away as it is to know when to accept). Last but not least, not only will you love his results, he is a great person and you will love working with him.

Gino was the ultimate partner to us during our home sale and search. He was with us and available through every step in the process. Given the current housing market and the unique issues with our home, we had a lot of challenges, but Gino was relentless in finding a buyer and placing us in a new home that better met our needs. He was always available to answer our questions, provide strategic counsel and find solutions. If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent in Westchester County – I really can’t imagine why you would choose anyone else.


My husband and I bought our home through Gino, and we were extremely pleased with the service he provided. He never tried to sell us on a place just to sell it, but instead encouraged us to only buy a place if we absolutely felt it was the right fit for us. He was less interested in his commission and “closing the deal” then he was in our overall happiness and satisfaction, and we were very appreciative of that. There was never a time that Gino was unable to meet with us, and he was very flexible, and worked around our schedules, to show us different homes. Gino deserves his reputation as one of Westchester’s top realtors. I intend to recommend that everyone I know who is considering buying or selling a home to give Gino a call.


When we were looking to move out of NYC and buy our first home, we went with Gino’s team based on a friend’s recommendation. We also went to several open houses on our own, and when we said we were working with Gino, the reactions from the showing agents made it obvious that he’s quite the bigwig in the industry. Gino’s wife was very pregnant/had a baby while we were in the process, so we mostly dealt with his colleague and good friend Gerry. We really liked Gerry. We jokingly called him the Dream Killer because he would point out things that we should be wary of that could bite us (or cost us lots of money) down the road. We really liked that he was looking out for us rather than trying to make a quick sale. Once we found the house, Gerry recommended how to proceed to make the offer and navigated through some shenanigans the seller played. They recommend a bunch of great people too. We went with the mortgage servicer he recommended, who held our hand through every step and made it go through without a hitch. I hear so much about closings being stressful and issues coming up, but this guy made it completely smooth (and our lawyer, who was great and reasonably priced and also came based on Gerry’s recommendation, said he’s never had an issue closing on a house that our mortgage guy handled). He even recommended an agent for homeowner’s insurance, and we got a rate from him (also got an auto policy) that was far below every other quote we got. Heck, we’re having renovations done and after meeting with several contractors, we’re using the guy Gerry recommended (someone he arranged to have meet us at a house that we weren’t even really interested in, but that needed some updating that other houses we might see might need, just so we would know what would be involved in possible future renovations). Our monthly mortgage/tax payment is less than the rent on NYC apartments we considered. And we have equity. And a yard (and a swing set, and a sandbox, and a garden). I highly recommend Gino’s team to anyone making the move.


I worked with Gino to buy my condo and my home in Harrison NY. During both instances, Gino was very patient with my constant questions and requests to view homes. He always gave me very good advice, and always put me first. Gino is a subject matter expert at the Westchester housing market and his team is top notch.


Selling a home you love in this uncertain market is daunting, but Gino Bello made it (almost) painless. Since we only had one shot at this, my wife and I interviewed a number of realtors, but when Gino came in, we instantly knew he was the One. He was polite, prepared and very polished and he knows the business. Our home sold in LESS than a week! He and his associate, Gerry Magnarelli, advised us on pricing, staging and guided us through every phase of the process – including helping us find a great contractor for painting and other light pre-sale touches. When I emailed or called, they responded. When we got several offers he told us how to handle it and he was right. My wife and I are very happy we chose him and his team. Gino is Primo!


Gino is a real estate expert! He guided me through the pre-sale preparation process (very important) and within 2 weeks of listing in December 2011 I had a successful negotiation with a qualified buyer. We closed within 57 days. It was a smooth process from beginning to end. I am a relocation expert (25 yrs.+), but when it came to my property, I needed an expert to manage the sale. Experts need experts, too! He gives excellent advice, solves problems quickly and is always available to discuss issues no matter how small or large. He is patient and most of all, works for the highest benefit of his client. I recommend Gino without reservation. 

We met Gino during one of the open houses he hosted for one of the homes he was selling, and we really liked the vibe he had going in the open house and the way he interacted with the visitors. We were looking for a new realtor to help us buy our first house and decided to reach out to Gino, we are  very happy with that decision.

From the very beginning he was very attentive, paying attention close attention to detail in our conversations and interactions. This allowed him to really customize the service he provided for us and tailor it to our needs. One of the things I appreciated the most was that during the time when we were having doubts about this big purchase, we never felt pressured by Gino, he was always very understanding and willing to listen, and go back to the drawing board if necessary to discuss our preferences and priorities in a home. In addition to that, he was a fun and happy person to be around. As first time home buyers, he really made the experience smooth for us, we are very grateful and strongly recommend him.

Gino helped us throughout the entire selling process of our home. He provided his expertise by offering tips on staging the house through choosing neutral paint colors, furniture that would be more appropriate for a room without making it look too busy, moving furniture to allow for an easier,  more open flow to the house. He was always available, no matter the time of day, to answer emails or phone calls. He listed our house very quickly and did a very impressive job in the layout of the photos for the house portfolio. Through Gino's wide network, the number of people that looked at the house was more than I could have ever expected. He did a great job in the negotiations with the final buyer and ultimately made the closing an easy, effortless process. Gino is a very easy-going and his warm personality will make your house selling or buying an enjoyable process.

I found Gino to be very professional and at the same time very easy to interact with. his warm smile and good demeanor lend themselves well to his profession. Gino followed my wishes and demands and it led to a sale. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else. We had a good working  relationship and he was always available to answer my questions and fix my problems.

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